[Rethinking the management of elderly cancer patients : Proposals from the Age Cancer Priorities French Group].

Titre[Rethinking the management of elderly cancer patients : Proposals from the Age Cancer Priorities French Group].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsGalvin A, Bertrand N, Boulahssass R, de Decker L, Dorval É, Clairaz B, Castaignède M, Mourey L, Baldini C, Bauvin E, Jacques B, Mallon I, Durand-Zaleski I, GuÉrin O, Krouri S, Soubeyran P
JournalBull Cancer
Date Published2022 Jun
Mots-clésAged, Delivery of Health Care, Frailty, Geriatric Assessment, Health Promotion, Humans, Neoplasms

The growing incidence of cancer associated with an aging population implies important health challenges that require questioning on the care management of older adults with cancer. There is a need to rethink the care management of older cancer patients with patient-centered decisions and an adjustment of the care pathway for this population. The Priorities Age Cancer (PAC) French group, made up of physicians, pharmacists and researchers in geriatric oncology, set up proposals to answer this need. First, the heterogeneity and the specificities of older adults as well as their preferences regarding cancer treatment goals, care management decisions must be patient-centered. The frailty screening tools should be generalized in clinical practice to provide geriatric assessment-guided recommendations and help for treatment decisions, and patients' involvement and shared decision should be developed. Second, older adults with cancer confront a complex health care system that demands a high level of health literacy. The caregivers, playing an essential role, may not be prepared for all these challenges. Thus, there is a need to promote health literacy by patient education, and patient-experts should be involved in health pathway. Third, there is a need to deal with dedicated partners and adjust the care pathway. New pathway careers as case-management nurses and specialized pharmacists should be involved in patient care and may play a central role together with other careers. Community-Hospital coordination should also be reinforced.

Alternate JournalBull Cancer
PubMed ID35599169